Critical Information --- Product Development Part 1

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The Concept    


What is it?


In my line of work it helps to understand what you the customer is aiming for.

I like to get to know your needs and wants and then work toward them in a structured efficent way.


For example if we together made a small 5/8" round disc with a logo on it I can make it into the following.

Tie tac

Cuff links

Lapel pin

Money clip 

Leather wallet




Just to name a few items.


As you can see the one simple item can turn into a solid product line really quick.

I need you to be clear in the intent of your products.


I need this information first.


This way I can set up a framework for our project and get you the best time model or timeline that can be deliverd.

If you would like a smooth business transaction and you want your products on time this is the first piece of information that I will require.


So before we chat make sure your clear on your intent and at least have some goals for your project written down.


If you have no idea what you want then that is different we can chat about some options and I will be more than happy to help lead you in the proper direction based on our conversation.


Stay tuned for Critical Information --- Product Development Part 2



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