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Are you inspired to do something different this year?

Create your own pair of earrings using the full power of Lannan Jewelry.

With such awesome power and flexibility we have decided to let You in and give you the ability to not only utilize our designs but to control them in your vision. 

If you are a normal customer we can help! If you are a business we can help!  If you are just starting out and can only afford that one little piece at a time, we can help! 

As someone who has worked very hard to build my company and to go through all that is required to do so.  The moment that you get to look up and look around you to see what other people have done or gone through to get what they have. 

Well I was humbled and I am thankful for what I have and what I am able to do.   It took me a while to figure it out, but it wasn't my success that was bugging me it was everyone else around me and how their success is what I always wanted to see. 

I wanted to see my family and friends succeed and have more than they deserve.  That has always been the goal for my company. It has always been in my vision.

My children will have something to call a family business that hopefully will outlast the greats of history's past.

So I leave you today with this it is a simple pair of earrings but you can do many things 

 with this pair of earrings.

You may resell them!

You may wear them yourself!

You may build them yourself!  

We can build them for you!

Change the metal 

Change the stones

Much Much more 

Ask Us for a quote!

Have a question?  All you have to do is ask! CLICK HERE!





Have a question?  All you have to do is ask! CLICK HERE!



Oval 2 x 5.0x3.0 mm 
Square 2 x 4.0x4.0 mm 
Round 2 x 2.5 mm 
Estimated Silver Weight 4.3 gr.


Products Description

Jewelry Sets: 
Hoops & Huggies

Metal Weight in silver

Weight Range: 
4.1 to 6.0 gm

Gemstone Type

Color stones


Lady's Jewelry


File Type: 

Center Stone

Center Setting: 
Center Shape: 

Accent Stone

Accent Setting: 
V Shape
Accent Shape: 
Square / Princess

Have a question?  All you have to do is ask! CLICK HERE!

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