Custom Design

In this section we can walk you through the painless process of customizing your own ring or other piece of jewelry for business or pleasure.

Now I want you to know that I have been in the jewelry industry for about 24 years now and I have been wanting to reach out to my customers alot more for years I have been stuck in the factory and that theme may never change,  for me this is my passion its in my blood.

I have found that through the use of the internet I can communicate with you and I can do it extreamly well now.  It helps me create a relationship with you it helps me not sell you!   I know that you dont want to be sold by some salesy sales person heck I dont like it either it's just cheesy inexperience and a lack of overall marketing education.   


I am here to help you get what your big heart desires no matter if it is a ring that costs millions or just a few hundred dollars.  I want you to wear one of our creations because you deserve to.  I dont know about you but I take pride in my work and I feel good when the best job I can deliver is given to you and you are pleased, that is my payment, that is my passion.

I truly love to see people happy as a result of my hard work and skill sets. 


Ok the first thing I need you to do is to scroll to the bottom of the page and submit your email address so that I can contact you and send you art work and other valuable information!


Second I really need you to think hard about this and that is your budget I need you to give me a budget so that I can determin what kinds of options you have to work with and how I can best provide a solution.


Here are some budget brackets that we frequently find people putting them selves in most.

Ill list the bare minimum budget requirements and you can go as high from there as you wish.

Why do I have a bare minimum budget requirement?

It's simple my time is valuable and I only wish to work with serious individuals who can commit to these levels or higher. 

I have to take a stance here to protect my company from wasted resources that inflate costs and damage customer experience.

So here we go


Bronze Level     $750.00 to  $1500.00

Silver Level       $1500.00  to $3000.00

Gold Level        $3000.00  to $6000.00

Platinum Level  $6000.00  to $10000.00

Diamond Level  $10000.00  and up!



Do you have examples like pictures  or do you have artwork already done?


We can start there and if you answer all of my questions in the form below we can proceed with the next few steps.