Custom design Deposit Phase 1

Ok this is where you make a commitment to us and this fee represents Phase one of our commitment to you!

Phase one is where we gain a better understanding of what it is that you would like us to create for you.

We will need art work or examples of what you would like to create or we can create something out of thin air for you.

Emails with instructions to follow purchase........

Understand that we take our customers needs and want's seriously However we may not take a project or ask for a better date that would suit our factory schedule.    You wouldn't want me to rush through your project and miss something would you?  

I take pride in what we do and I want to ensure that when I take your hard earned money It is done with respect.   Rushing projects through factories is not ideal and infact it is damaging to the company itself.  I have found after 27 years in the industry it stresses everything in the factory including the workers and I simply choose not to do it to my factory. 

I'm not going to go for the money first I shoot for your happiness first because when you are happy you are happy to pay me.

I will refund your money if I cannot get your project done within the discussed project scope.