Got Bully? Bra.925 Sterling Silver zipper pull with Oxidized background

This Zipper pull is the brainchild of Mr. Nick Lannan himself.

Nick wants you to understand that his pit bulls have changed his life forever not from violence or danger but just the opposite love on a more consistent basis then He could ever offer them.

Nick Lannan wants to make a difference in the Perception and the bad name that this particular breed generates. 

Nick Lannan wants to generate awareness and possibly donate money to help make a difference.

Buy this zipper pull and become a part of the Project Bully Movement forever.

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"All of these are hand made in the USA."

"I could order them from china and only charge like 5 bucks for them if I just wanted the money.  I choose to go the hard route because that is the route that helps me support my friends and family.  I like to help do my part in creating jobs in the USA!  So I kept the business here."   

Nick Lannan