Are you looking for a smart and stylish piece of firefighter jewelry that perfectly portrays the heroism of the job?

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Then this awesome Maltese/Christian Cross option is the most effective way to make that possible. Made from the highest quality Sterling Silver, this smart little pendant makes it a fine choice for those who want to mark heroism in the right way. As one of our top sellers, this is a cross that we’re seeing more and more in the streets as people give gifts to those who do one of the hardest jobs in the world.


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The tiny little bail at the top of the pendant allows the chain it’s attached onto to be held in the right place perfectly. It’s a very smart design, giving you a pendant that’s big enough to take a 1.5mm diameter chain. This ensures it can stay in the same place and never snap or snag on you.

Polished on the face and the edges, this is designed to help make sure it maintains that professional, stylish shine for years to come. Also, the back of the pendant has undergone a sandblast finish with a stamp of assured quality to let you know that what you are carrying is special!

Fully covered in a protected finish, this ensures that the pendant can stay in the finest of shapes for years to come. If you are looking for a memento that is going to last for many years to come, this is the perfect place to start.

So, if you would like to pass on thanks to one of the many heroes who keep our cities and streets safe, this might just be the easiest way for you to do just that.

  • As part of the collection, we make it easy for those who save us from natural disasters easy to be recognized and honored.
  • We provide full and free ground shipping at the lowest possible price. Everything is shipped in a manner that ensures it gets to you as quickly as possible without any excessive costs attached.
  • This is made in the United States, so you can feel comfortable buying this knowing that it meets all standards of quality, safety and design credibility.

Got any questions about our firefighter jewelry collection? Contact us today we’d love to help you pass on this gift to someone who helps to keep the country and our children safe!



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