Do you drive a Ford car? Are you loyal to the brand and want to make sure you can show that off?

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Perhaps someone in your family or social circle is Ford-frenzied. Whatever the reason that you decide, this awesome Ford logo pendant, made from high-end sterling silver or gold, makes a wonderful gift for someone. Creative and energetic, it makes the most wonderful choice for those who are looking for a solution to make their love of Ford known to everyone.

Available in sterling silver of 10-14k white or yellow gold, this makes a wonderful gift for anyone who is feeling crazy about Ford. If you want to give someone in your life a gift that is going to be seen as a meaningful and friendly memento, then this is almost certainly the place for you to start.

It’s a comical but very cool little gift; one that is sure to make the recipient smile for all the right reasons. A fine choice for those who prefer something a little more grandiose in their jewelry collection, as well!

  • Based on the famous Ford Mustang design, this is a shot in the arm for any Ford drivers, lovers or workers.
  • A very fine choice for anyone who is looking for a more creative and charismatic piece of jewelry that breaks away from all the predictable norms.
  • Leave nobody in any doubt about the kind of car you or the recipient drives and loves most with this awesome Ford design.
  • A classic part of the Lannan Jewelry collection, this is made here in the USA to ensure it carries only the best standards in terms of material used and craftsmanship.
  • A wonderful gift that offers a fine option to make someone smile thanks to the personal and friendly nature of the pendant.
  • Makes a great collectible for anyone with an increasingly large collection of Ford attire or equipment.
  • The ideal choice to make sure that you can give someone a fine memento of what the Ford Mustang – or just Ford in general – means to them.
  • Classy and cool jewelry with a real difference to the norm!



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